Our PTSA Programs & School Events showcase so many talents as well as the commitment and dedication of our great staff, students, parents & community members. We love our volunteers and want them to know how very much we appreciate them!


Thanks for all those that helped with the FUN RUN! Volunteers received a shoe key chain. 



We are "Team Fairwood" this year. Together everyone achieves more! We are thankful for all the different "positions" are volunteers play sharing their talents at Fairwood Elementary. 

So many "players" on Team Fairwood. Thank you to all our VIPS - 

Alma Corrales, Amy Ellisor, Cachet Kranz, Carmelita Calo, Cathy Mulkey, Cecilia Sample, Chelsea Paxton, Claire Rehmke, Corin and Josh LaVerne, Danielle Holbrook, Debbie Ramos, Debra Allen, Diana Garcia, Dora Rodriguez, Erica Handy, Erin and Andy Laguana, Felicia Atterberry, Grant Robinson, Holly Tugman, Iris Trutsch, Ja'Net Pullet, Jackie Mann, Jackie Martinson, Janney Stachowiak, Jayme and Rob Porteus, Jenny and Greg Buron, Jenny Fransson, Julie Elton, Karri Fordice, Kendra Walker, Kim Harer, Krista and Sean Haskins, Lauren Cooke, Linda Bakan, Lindsay Rechnitz, Maria Herrnandez, Melanie Schmidt, Melody Ip, Michael McCauley, Michelle Davis and Ben Stafford, Michelle DeYoung, Michelle McKinney, Myah Winters, Nasim Ghorbani, Nesy Bradford, Olivia Mora, Pam Wray, Patty Fey, Patty Yan, Rachel Collier, Rachel Lott, Rhonda Kent, Sandra Reeley, Sean and Tammy Akamine, Sheena Keiser, Shera and Jeff Isakson, Skye Mathews, Somer and Eric Winters, Stephanie Greenreich, Tiffany Croone, Tina Figueroa, Yumiko Watanabe

If you know of a volunteer that needs to be recognized please contact communications@fairwoodptsa.org



This year's theme "Fully Charged" demonstrates all of the extra enthusiasm and energy that our volunteers bring to our programs. Each of our volunteers has a designated lightning bolt on our Bulletin Board. In addition, we are recognizing each of the students that participate in our major events with a battery icon. If you know of a volunteer that needs to be recognized please contact communications@fairwoodptsa.org

Our PTSA Bulletin Board at school shows off all of our amazing volunteers energy. Each individual has a lightning bolt and the programs and committees that they are a part of are added to the lightning bolt. Here are the names of each of our 2017-18 volunteers and the areas in which they volunteered!

Leah B. Albert Einstein Day, Ms. Willits Diana G.  Box Tops, Clothing Bank
Luke W. Albert Einstein Day Eiko B. Membership, Albert Einstein Day
Courtney H. Albert Einstein Day Mary M. Fun Run
Jenny F. Auction, Albert Einstein Day, Reading, Art, Book Fair, Website, Mrs. Koch & Mrs. Wilson Joel M. Patrol Appreciation
Krista H. Auction, Financial Review, Legislative Advocacy, Fun Run Dora R. Fun Run
Kim H. Financial Review, Albert Einstein Day, Fun Run, Assemblies, School Support, Mrs. Gayle Anu Z. Carnival, Fun Run
Margaret Z.  Fun Run Shera I. Auction, Family Fun Nights, Albert Einstein Day, Membership, Mrs. Bass
Somer W. Auction, Albert Einstein Day, Art, Fun Run, Vice President, Mrs. Gayle, Mrs. Gauvey Jun W. Fun Run
Jackie M. Class Auction Projects, Art, Mrs. Bass, Ms. Tugman Pam W. Reflections, Spirit Sales, Honor Choir 
Barbara T. Albert Einstein Day Aaron A. Albert Einstein Day
Cachet K. President, Art, Albert Einstein Day, Mr. Garlisch, Ms. Gayle Christy G. Staff Appreciation
Heather G. Raz Kids, Spirit Sales, Teacher Grants Rachel S. Fundraising, Art, Auction
Lindsey R. Fun Run Diana P.-  Financial Review, Albert Einstein Day, Fun Run
Linda B. Communications, Website, Albert Einstein Day, Mrs. Gayle Corin L. Family Engagement, Family Fun Nights, Carnival, Albert Einstein Day, Mrs. Gayle, Mrs. Gauvey
Jenny B. Treasurer, Albert Einstein Day, Family Fun Nights, Movie Nights, Auction, Bulletin Board, Facebook, Mrs. Bass, Mrs. Koch Julia M. Albert Einstein Day
Melanie S. 6th grade, Variety Show, Art Kendra W. Secretary, Fun Run
Heather H. Yearbook Maureen Y. Fun Run, Mrs. Gayle
Yumiko W. Mrs. Gayle, Mrs. Wilson Andy L. Mrs. Gayle
Family Fun Nights Claire
Family Fun Nights, Honor Choir
Family Fun Nights, Movie Nights Tara
Family Fun Nights
Fun Run Kendra P.  Family Fun Nights, Movie Nights

Our student supporters are each represented in a battery sticker. We believe that all of our volunteer energy is stored in our students for future volunteering and community involvement! 



To go along with this year's #PTSAProud social media theme, we are taking selfies of each board member, committee chair and any other volunteer willing to highlight all of their talents on our bulletin board. If you or someone you know wants to send us a selfie please send it along to communications@fairwoodptsa.org 

Current #PTSAProud selfies displayed:

Zachary Stachowiak President Chris Scheirer Treasurer, Legislative
Joel Miles Patrol Corin LaVerne Membership, Bulletin Board, Fundraising
Jenny Buron Bulletin Board, Cashier, Albert Einstein Day Somer Winters Fundraising, Art Docent
Kim Harer School Support, Fundraising Kendra Walker Secretary, Fundraising
Cachet Kranz Vice President, Fundraising, Art Docent, Tuesday Packets Kelly Choplin Book Fair, Box Tops, Art Docent
Diana Garcia Family Engagement, Clothing Bank, Staff Appreciation & "School Beautification"    

Our Wall of Charger Pride. Thank you to the dozens of volunteers that make our PTSA & School work so well!



Our volunteers are all SUPERHEROES! Our bulletin board had superheroes flying all across our bulletin board showcasing to the special recognition they all deserve!


Program/ Committee
Photo & Notes
3/10/15 Outstanding Educator Mr. Doug Newby


Mr. Newby with his former student teacher (!) Mrs. Koch. This outstanding educator "makes math fun", "is just awesome", "is funny" and cares so much for his students and their success!

Fairwood PTSA & School Community
3/10/15 2015 Golden Acorn Sonja Gunderson

Sonja embodies what it means to go "above and beyond for all students". Much of her behind the scenes work has put in place systems and programs that make our PTSA a healthy, strong and sustainable one.

Fairwood PTSA & School Community
3/10/15 Outstanding Volunteer Marie Vineyard

Whether it is her duty as Secretary, Auction Chair, Golf Tournament or helping in classrooms, Marie puts her whole heart, mind and organized soul into her work!

Fairwood PTSA & School Community
3/10/15 Outstanding Volunteer Georgia Karlson

There isn't much that Georgia isn't a part of: Family Fun Nights, Health & Safety, Mad Science, Book Fairs and so much more! All with a perfect balance of enthusiasm and calm!

Fairwood PTSA & School Community
2/28/15 Science Fair Amy Magee

Always helpful. Always smiling. Working with you is such a joy! Thank you for all your hard work!

Jenny Buron
1/13/15 Nominating Committee Jolene Irons,
Jenny Fransson,
Sonja Gunderson

These folks are doing a very important job finding new leadership for our PTSA!

PTSA Membership & Executive Committee
12/6/14 Honor Choir Mrs. Pam Wray, Mr. Brad Wills & the entire Honor Choir 

It was such a treat to hear all the great holiday music! Thank you for representing Fairwood!

Fairwood Community Library Grand Opening Attendees
10/27/14 Staff Appreciation Julia Kim

Big thanks to Julia Kim and for all she does for Fairwood.  Not only does Julia help with our events and in all three of her kids' classrooms, she has a big heart for giving to our staff!  This is the second year she has provided dinners for the staff on the late night during conference week. 

Staff Appreciation Committee Chairs Christy G. & Jenny F.
9/30/14 Carnival Laura Hinds

With a huge smile and helpful attitude, Laura made our back to school carnival so much fun with tons to do, special treats & more!

The Executive Board of the PTSA

If you would like to submit a message of public thanks & praise for a particular volunteer, please send it, along with an approved photo to newsletter@fairwoodptsa.org.