Our theme for 2021-22 is "Team Fairwood"


Every child, one voice.  Fairwood Elementary PTSA is a powerful voice for all children, is a relevant resource for families, schools and communities, and a strong advocate for the well-being and education of each child.


2021-22 Goals

TEAM FAIRWOOD: (Coming Soon)

2021-22 Executive Committee & Board Of Directors

President (elected) Corin LaVerne president@fairwoodptsa.org 
Vice President (elected) Kendra Walker vicepresident@fairwoodptsa.org 
Treasurer (elected) Ian Knox treasurer@fairwoodptsa.org
Secretary (elected) (open) secretary@fairwoodptsa.org
Communications Director Jackie Mann communications@fairwoodptsa.org 
Family Engagement Director Shawna Crotty familyengagement@fairwoodptsa.org
Fundraising Director Jeremy Swenson fundraising@fairwoodptsa.org 
School Support Director Krista Haskins schoolsupport@fairwoodptsa.org 
Membership Chair Elynne Gardner membership@fairwoodptsa.org 
Advocacy Chair Jayme Porteus advocacy@fairwoodptsa.org 


Our Executive Committee & Board of Directors
seeks your valuable feedback and input.
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