YES! If your child attends Fairwood Elementary, you need an account!

All information is used for PTSA purposes only and will never be made public. We appreciate you using our online resources to make the PTSA job of inputting information easier.  This also allows you to input your information only one time rather than filling out the same information repeatedly and then it populates all the forms you want to complete ONLINE!  Each following year you will just need to review/update your Family information and update your children's teachers.

A few reasons for needing an account:

Communication:  You need to have an account with your email to receive the weekly PTSA email

Online Directory: To be included in the online directory you need an account on our website.  The online directory is where authorized parents and staff can securely look up each other's contact information. The online directory is not available to the general public.

Tracking online Purchase/Event registration/Volunteer sign ups:  You will be able to view under 'my account'.

If you would rather not use online forms or online payment processing, paper forms will be made available in the office.  Please note, any paper forms or purchases made via checks you will not be able to view online. 

Thank you in advance for taking advantage of this online option.

Sign Up

Here is the link to create your new account.


FOR TEACHERS/STAFF MEMBERS (without children attending Fairwood): You only need to fill out your first name, last name, email address, and password on the left side. You may skip all other fields if you wish.