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Art Docent FAQ 

Do you need an Art background to be an Art Docent?

No prior experience necessary.  We will have an Art Docent Training Workshop in late September taught by an instructor from Smart with Art.  They will go over techniques how to teach a class and you will walk through an actual art lesson.  We will also be going over what is available in the PTSA Art Supply room and the procedures for checking out materials and checking them back in.

Can I teach a lesson I created on my own?

The Fairwood PTSA is teaming up with Smart with Art to provide art curriculum that meet or exceeds both the Washington State Standards and the National Standards for the Art Education.  We want all students to receive the required art standards for their grade level and we believe this is the best way to ensure that it will happen.  This also makes it easier to try and apply for art grants to show that all students benefit equally from the program.

What is included in the lesson plan?

The lesson plan is designed to be completed in one class period of 50 minutes (does not include set up or clean up). Clearly illustrated step-by-step instructions that includes:  History and Cultural information, Material List, Lesson step by step instruction, Fun Fact Sheets - for student use, and Summary of Lesson - to attach to each art piece created.

When do I teach the lesson?

 You will be coordinating with the teacher the day/time for the art lessons.  Please correspond via email and copy the Art Chair at art@fairwoodptsa.org when you have scheduled your time. There is an online Art Supply Checkout link on the Art Docent page to reserve the materials we all will share (oil pastels, watercolors, etc.).  Be sure and plan ahead to ensure your art supplies are available.  Please try and schedule all the lessons before the end of October.  If that is not possible please schedule your art lesson at least one month in advance.  It is a privilege that we are able to teach the art lessons during the regular school day and want to make sure the process is as smooth as possible and that the we respect the time we have in the classroom.

Where can I get more art supplies?

The Art Committee will be doing an inventory in August and ordering supplies for the entire school year based on the Smart with Art curriculum.  Please make sure you use only what is needed (each lesson comes with a material list) so we have enough supplies for everyone.  If you find we are running low on certain supplies, please let us know so we can order more and ensure everyone has the needed materials.