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Art Docent checklist:  

  • Become a PTSA member. Click on the membership icon on the toolbar to renew or join! 
  • Please note, before you can teach in the classroom you will need to complete an online volunteer application and disclosure form - VIPS. This must be done every year.  Click HERE for more information and link to the online application process.
  • You will need to attend the required workshop training (unless other arrangements are made with the Art Committee). 
  • There are 6 lessons. One in October, November, (skip December), January, February, March, and April. Click HERE to see what lesson for each month. It is typically a 2-3 hour monthly commitment (1 hour teaching the lesson, 30 minutes for preparation, 30 minutes hanging finished artwork). In May you will need to hang your artwork for the Art Walk which is typically two pieces of artwork per student.
  • You will need to coordinate with the teacher to schedule when you will be teaching the monthly lessons in the classroom. Click HERE to check out supplies for the art lesson. This keeps track if lessons are being taught and that there will be enough supplies for everyone. 
  • You will need to unlock room E3 which has the art supplies. Ask the front office for the key. Please work quietly if there is a small group receiving instruction in room E3. 6th grade general music class on Mondays and Thursdays from 2:35-3:25 will be in E3.
  • You will need to keep an Art Portfolio for each student (will be provided for you) with ALL art projects.  In the Fall request a student list from your teacher so you can label all the student portfolios. If you will be displaying the art work on the wall first, please make sure the teacher knows we need to have all art work returned to the PTSA to be stored in the students portfolio.  Our Art Walk is scheduled for the Spring and need these for it.

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