Volunteers Wanted!President Fairwood Ptsa2/28/20223/25/2022
Volunteers Wanted!
              The Charger Gold Dinner and Auction is a Fairwood favorite! It's a fun, busy and action packed evening that brings our community together. However, to make the evening a success we need your help! If you are interested in seeing what the auction is all about and want to be part of the fun, consider volunteering the night of!   There are many ways to be involved, big and small and at various times throughout the day. Click the link to see all of the available opportunities - https://bit.ly/3Hv0g2I   Have questions? Email ... read full article
2022 Fairwood PTSA AuctionPresident Fairwood Ptsa1/18/20223/15/2022
2022 Fairwood PTSA Auction
                                                                                                            Reach For the Stars CH A RGER GOLD DINNER & AUCTION   March 26, 2022 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm   A night out to benefit our children   ORDER YOUR TICKETS HERE Please consider volunteering or giving any additional support if you can not join ... read full article
Welcome 2022!Web Admin Chair1/7/20221/31/2022
Welcome 2022!
We wish all our families & students a happy 2022! Make sure your getting all the info & alerts you need. Fairwood PTSA has put together this handy list so that you can be up to date on all the different ways the PTSA, school & district communicates. Find links & guidance here: https://fairwoodptsa.org/Page/Ptsa/All%20Communications ... read full article