Every year, Fairwood PTSA recognizes outstanding volunteer and educational service by presenting Golden Acorn, Outstanding Educator and Volunteer Service Awards. All recipients promote the mission of Fairwood PTSA: to be a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families, schools and communities, and a strong advocate for the well-being and education of each child.

In addition to recognition, Golden Acorn and Outstanding Educator Award recipients receive a certificate and pin. A contribution is made in their name to Washington State PTSA Scholarship Foundation which provides scholarships to high school students entering post-secondary education. The PTSA donates a book to the Fairwood Elementary library in the name of the Volunteer Service award as well.

Please help us select deserving volunteers and educators from our community this year by nominating them. Use the form below or email goldenacorn@fairwoodptsa.org. Nomination deadline is April 2, 2021. The awards will be presented at the general membership meeting on May 18th 2021.

To see the list of past awards recipients, go to the second page of this form

Click here to fill out the online nomination form.