Fairwood Elementary PTSA 2017-18 is "Fully Charged"


Every child, one voice.  Fairwood Elementary PTSA is a powerful voice for all children, is a relevant resource for families, schools and communities, and a strong advocate for the well-being and education of each child.


2017-18 Goals

Our PTSA Theme this year is "Fully Charged"! We want every program, event, volunteer and member to know that we are committed to our mission fully and with great enthusiasm. To embody our theme, we have the following goals for the 2017-18 school year.

Growth and Involvement- Each Committee Chair will personally welcome one new committee member this year. 

Family Engagement- Community Connection- The PTSA will be involved in a local neighborhood event and invite the local neighborhood to a PTSA event or program.

School Support- The PTSA will establish a PTSA classroom liaison program to improve two-way communication meeting classroom needs. 

Communications- Survey and record current Board Member and Committee Chair use of PTSA Google Mail accounts and online tools (Drive, Docs, Sheets) to support completion and coordination of PTSA projects. Long term goal is 100% use throughout Fairwood PTSA leadership.

Fundraising- Our PTSA will increase our use of passive fundraising by 20%.  


2017-18 Executive Committee & Board Of Directors

President (elected) Cachet Kranz president@fairwoodptsa.org 
Vice President (elected) Somer Winters vicepresident@fairwoodptsa.org 
Communications Director Linda Bakan communications@fairwoodptsa.org 
Family Engagement Director Corin LaVerne familyengagement@fairwoodptsa.org
Fundraising Director Rachel Schoenfeld fundraising@fairwoodptsa.org 
School Support Director Kim Harer schoolsupport@fairwoodptsa.org 
Secretary (elected) Kendra Walker secretary@fairwoodptsa.org 
Treasurer (elected) Jenny Buron treasurer@fairwoodptsa.org 
Membership Chair Shera Isakson membership@fairwoodptsa.org 
Legislative Advocacy Chair Krista Haskins legislative@fairwoodptsa.org 


Our Executive Committee & Board of Directors
seeks your valuable feedback and input.
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