Frequently Asked Questions


Donations Questions

What is the fundraising goal? Our goal is $7,000. If every student collects $20 in donations, we would easily meet that goal!

What prizes does my student get for donations? A $5 donation the student receives a shoe key chain. A $20 donation a student receives a light up spinner wand. A $40 donation the student receives a Fun Run t-shirt. Top 5 earners receive a higher valued prize. Information flyer HERE. 

Can I submit for matching funds from my employer?  YES! If your employer matches funds that you donate, please submit all necessary paperwork so that the Fairwood PTSA can receive double the amount of your donation! Questions contact the PTSA Treasurer at

Do matching funds count for top earners total donations? No, because it is a very low percentage of students that have parents or friends that work for matching companies. But please do have your company match your donation if possible!

I have more than one student at Fairwood, can a family be a top earner? No, top earners will be looked at as individuals not families.

What are the funds used for?  Money raised at this event is used to support our Student Enrichment Programs and Family Fun Activities that are funded by the PTSA. This includes our Reading program (Blast into Reading), Science program (Albert Einstein Day), Art Docent and Drama programs, Special Assemblies, Field trips, Family Fun nights, Movie nights and much more!

Can donations be made online? YES!

Where can I get more donation sheets?  You can print more sheets HERE.

Can anyone donate?  YES! Ask family, friends, neighbors and community members to help support our school. Send them to:!



Fun Run Event Questions

What should my student bring?  A water bottle with their name on it (some extras will be available), clothes and shoes for running and having a Blast! Bring rain gear and/or an umbrella as needed.

Will the Fun Run be held in rainy weather?  YES! The Fun Run will not be cancelled for rain. Please have students dress weather appropriate, pack a rain coat and umbrella if needed!

When will my student be able to eat a snack?  The PTSA will provide a light snack at one of the stations during the Fun Run event.

Can parents and family attend the Fun Run?  YES! Family and community members can support our students by being active with them on the course, cheering Students them on, helping at a station, or signing students in and out of the event. Click HERE to sign up to help.

How long/far will the kids run? Students will run for 12 minutes. The rest of the time students will do other physical activities such as stretching, martial arts, relays, and free play.