Online Auction Q&A


 · Where can I find the auction online?

Visit to get started.


 · Now that the auction has been moved online, will there still be a dinner for this year?

Yes! We are working with the Fairwood Golf & Country Club to re-schedule the dinner and games portion of the event to a date in early-mid June. Once the date is confirmed, we will notify all ticket buyers.


· How do I bid online for the items? Will I receive a digital catalog?

Prior to the launch of the online auction, ticket buyers will receive an email that includes an electronic catalog, link to the auction and instructions for logging on and bidding. These resources will also be available on the Fairwood PTSA website for non-ticket buyers who would like to participate. To place a bid, simply click on a package and select a bid item. Note: use the "Bid" button to bid in the next increment and "Bid More" if you want to place a max bid. The system will bid in your favor until you are outbid or the auction closes. In the Blue and White Sections, you will also see a "Buy Now" option allowing you to purchase the item at a set price approximately 200% above the item's market value. When you're satisfied with your bid, click "OK" to place a bid!


· If I bid on an item, will I be notified if I’m outbid?

Yes; you will be notified either by email or cell phone (depending on the preferences you setup when you establish your account with our online auction provider) if you have been outbid. Note: if you are outbid on all of your bids, the Fairwood PTSA requests that you consider donating the amount that you would have spent to the school via our one of our Donate buttons in the online auction.


· What happens when the auction ends?

After the auction closes, winning bidders will be notified by email. They will then be contacted by an auction committee member with regard to how / when to coordinate delivery or pick up their items.


· Will I receive an email receipt for my purchases?

Yes, an email receipt will be sent to each winning bidder when the auction closes.


· Where will the auction packages be located while the auction is in progress?

Can I “see” the items live before bidding? A Fairwood Elementary PTSA member will house the items until the auction concludes. For those people who would like to view items in person prior to or during bidding, please email and a committee member will connect with you to schedule a showing.


· Will all of the items from the original live auction be offered online?

Most of the items planned for our live auction will be available online, although some of the games will be earmarked for the re-scheduled dinner in June.


· I’m interested in an item with an expiration date. Is this flexible?

It depends on the business. We encourage participants to reach out to the business directly and request an extension as needed.